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Here by i solemnly swear:
1. I will never knowingly or unknowingly go into tech interview where my tech knowledge would be tested on the whiteboard (physical or virtual).

2. I will not support companies/authors which sell courses and or books about how to solve whiteboard tech interview questions

3. I will not help people who preparing for white board tech interviews

4. I will not test candidates which apply for the IT job by the whiteboard tech interview and i would not help colleagues which adhere to such bad practices.

5. If management high or middle or direct request me to do a white board tech interview i would immediately refuse to do it, because i have accepted this oath.

6. When i as CEO or CTO would discover that somebody in the company adhere to such bad practices i immediately would fire such person, because its not fair practice and dont show any actual knowledge of the candidate.

7. Further more i will publicly advertise for the no whiteboard tech interview practices, so more IT professionals and future IT professionals would discover this community and make this oath to a default IT industry standard for hiring IT professionals.

8. This oath is my free choice , because i strongly believe in  best software craftsmanship practices and agile software development which is a best solution for all modern technology challenges and by supporting this oath i do my part to solve the problem of not enough software developers in the world!

If your agree with this oath use following comment box below!

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